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Frequently Asked Questions

What is allergy skin testing?

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What is allergy Patch testing?

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How long will the initial appointment be?

The length of appointment is affected by numerous things including: patient age, the number of concerns/problems, type of testing performed, the complexity of concerns and management. Generally, with initial visits, people may be in the clinic anywhere from one to two hours.

How many tests will be performed?

The number of tests performed at a visit will depend on some factors including:

  • Type of skin testing (food versus environmental versus prick testing versus intradermal testing versus patch testing).
  • Age of patient
  • Need for additional testing
  • Children less than 8 to 10 years of age may need anywhere from 4-12 prick skin tests, children 8-14 years of age may require 10-20 prick skin tests and patients 15 and over may need up to 40 prick skin tests.
  • The number of intradermal tests applied is generally quite a bit lower and rarely is this type of testing performed in children under ten years of age.

Do inhalers need to be stopped before my visit

No. We do not want you to stop any inhaled medications unless you are specifically directed to do so by your physician or our clinic staff.

What age range of patients do you see and test?

We are pleased to provide specialized medical care to individuals of all ages. Testing can be performed on individuals at almost any age but this is greatly affected by the patient's age (e.g. we perform less tests on the younger patient), the type of allergy we are evaluating and the ability of the patient to tolerate the tests.

Will all testing and procedures by covered by insurance?

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