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Patient Testimonials

My daughter loves Dr. Mjaanes....I mean who else can show comfort as your child is getting shot after shot in her back...Dr. Mjaanes is the best in comforting children as they go through allergy testing.C.R.
Dr. Mjaanes treats each patient/family with such kindness. He is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable specialists that we have right here in the Fox Valley. K.M.
Dr. Mjaanes is amazing. We followed him from his previous practice and now enjoy the new location within Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Wisconsin. L.D.
Two of my children currently see Dr. Mjaanes and he is VERY GOOD DR. VERY GOOD WITH CHILDREN! M.W.
My son hates going to the doctor’s office. With his allergies as severe as they are we have to go quite often. If he knows he is seeing the "funny doctor" his day is made because we know Dr Mjaanes will make him laugh and all will be ok. S.S.
We absolutely love Dr. Mjaanes. He is great with kids. My son loved him R.T.
Dr. Mjaanes is a wonderful doctor. My 5 year old started seeing him a year ago and I have been so happy with how he has helped with my son's asthma issues. A.H.
The Allergy and Asthma clinic runs like a Swiss clock. Dr. Prehn my ENT doctor and Dr. Mjaanes consulted with each other and my asthma is under control. I highly recommend their services and abilities. J.D.
I am thrilled that Dr. Mjaanes is now in the same building as Dr. Burton our ENT doctor!!! Both doctors under one roof is so nice!! T.B.