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Why Is This Test Being Done?

This procedure is done to visualize the upper airway. It is used to identify, potential
lesions or diseases in the upper air way and can be used to identify vocal cord
dysfunction. It involves the use of a small flexible fiberoptic scope inserted through the
patient’s anesthetized nasal passage.

Preparing For The Test

Before the test, a nasal spray that consists of a decongestant and an anesthetic will be
administered to prepare your nose for the test.

During The Test

During the rhinolaryngoscopy a small fiberoptic camera/scope is placed in your nose.
The scope is passed through your nose to the back of your throat. The movement of
the vocal cords can be seen with the scope. You will likely be asked to make certain
sounds and to breathe in a certain way while the camera is in place. After thorough
evaluation the camera is removed. The procedure takes no more than 2 minutes. A
recording of this procedure can be made. Please do not eat 1-2 hours prior to the test if
laryngoscopy has been scheduled.